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Quantum Froth Dispatches

Join host Michael Haspil as he talks about stories, writing craft, and storytelling. The podcast ranges over a broad swath of subjects, from history to conspiracy theories, to pop-culture, and games.  

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Nov 12, 2018

In which I speak to Steve Vera about how he became an author, found an agent, and the stories that influence him.

Steve's just a guy who wishes he could fire lightning out of his fingertips. Afflicted with wanderlust at the age of seventeen, he's lived in seven states, briefly served in the U.S. Air Force as a Pararescue Trainee, and has a profound aversion to mint chocolate chip ice cream. Steve currently straddles two worlds--one foot in his hometown of Elmwood, CT, the other in Sunnyside, Queens, NY. 


Drynn (The 1st book in the Last of the Shardyn Trilogy) may be found here:



Musical cues provided by The FAT RAT's "Monody" featuring Laura Brehm